Keep Your Pipes Flowing Freely

Get plumbing repairs from a master plumber in Wayland & New London, IA

Do you run out of hot water just moments after turning on the faucet? You need the services of a plumber. Happyland Construction & Restoration LLC offers plumbing repair services to Wayland, New London, IA and surrounding areas. Our master plumber has 30 years of experience. Whether you need plumbing work at your home or your place of business, you can count on us to get the job done.

For plumbing services please call (866) 95 PLUMB to ask about our water heater installation services, and start enjoying long hot showers again.

Get your leaky pipes fixed today

Get your leaky pipes fixed today

Are you tired of explaining your quirky plumbing to guests? Stop apologizing for it and get it fixed. When you partner with us, our master plumber will help you with...

  • Sink and toilet installation or repair
  • Water heater installation or repair
  • Pipe and fitting installation or repair
Don't let leaky or broken fixtures make your life difficult. Make an appointment for plumbing repairs today. We'll solve your plumbing problems pronto.